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The Eliminator

The Eliminator is an exciting new, patented machine that we, along with the help of one of our extruding company customers who had a need for such a piece of machinery, invented. The Eliminator is installed down stream of the last cooling box, in front of the puller. It needs no electricity or vacuum, and can also be used a stand alone unit. It requires no breaks or vacation, and will run continuously hour after hour, with no adjustments necessary after the initial setup. It is made to remove excess j channel, nail fin, etc. with the ability to remove up to 4 parts at one time, and will eliminate the need to build expensive dies for your short runs when certain parts are not needed on your profile. Our customers who have tried it, have found that it pays for itself quickly in overall cost savings. It is sold in three set ups, the first being able to remove parts from the bottom or top, the second being able to remove parts from the bottom only, and the third being able to remove parts from the top only. Please contact us for an appointment to learn more about our Eliminator system.

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